Company History

Incorporated in July 1963, Nan Shan Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (“Nan Shan”) has been running its business in Taiwan for half a century. Nan Shan is highly regarded for its professional management and financial soundness and is well recognized for its leadership role in quality agents, professional training and education, technology solutions, and customer services.

In August 2011, Ruen Chen Investment Holding Co., Ltd. (“Ruen Chen”) became the largest shareholder of Nan Shan and brought with it its management expertise. Ruen Chen is a Taiwan-based joint venture funded by Ruentex Group and Pou Chen Corporation. Both are successful companies with long traditions and great reputation in Taiwan. With a shared belief with the two companies, Nan Shan will continue its thorough and sustainable business development in Taiwan.

Holding fast to the belief in trust, caring and integrity, Nan Shan keeps customers’ interests at heart and provides caring services and innovative products that far exceed customers’ expectations. We aim to make Nan Shan the best insurance company in Taiwan and one of the top insurers in Asia.

NanshanLife Company Profile