Awards and Records

Incorporated in July 1963, Nan Shan Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (“Nan Shan”) has been running its business in Taiwan for half a century. Nan Shan is highly regarded for its professional management and financial soundness and is well recognized for its leadership role in quality agents, professional training and education, technology solutions, and customer services.

In August 2011, Ruen Chen Investment Holding Co., Ltd. (“Ruen Chen”) became the largest shareholder of Nan Shan and brought with it its management expertise. Ruen Chen is a Taiwan-based joint venture funded by Ruentex Group and Pou Chen Corporation. Both are successful companies with long traditions and great reputation in Taiwan. With a shared belief with the two companies, Nan Shan will continue its thorough and sustainable business development in Taiwan.

Holding fast to the belief in trust, caring and integrity, Nan Shan keeps customers’ interests at heart and provides caring services and innovative products that far exceed customers’ expectations. We aim to make Nan Shan the best insurance company in Taiwan and one of the top insurers in Asia.

Corporate Vision


1. To become the first-choice insurance company in customers’ minds
Insurance business is a business characteristic of public welfare. Nan Shan devotes itself to developing corporate culture of excellent quality and aims to become the first-choice insurance company in customers’ minds by delivering integrity and happiness.


2. To become an insurance company showing the best capability for asset management
Nan Shan adopts a holistic, stable, and steady approach to actively make investments around the globe. Also, Nan Shan endeavors to be an insurance company demonstrating the best capability for asset management so that people working for Nan Shan and its policyholders all can benefit from the achievement.  


3. To become an insurance company of which people working for it would feel proud and which is the first choice for both job applicants and those who aim to develop their careers
Nan Shan creates a platform where its staff and agency force can exhibit their talent and wisdom. The ultimate goal is to help all the staff and agency force with self-fulfillment and make Nan Shan the first choice for those outstanding job applicants. In doing so, each and every staff member and agent of Nan Shan would be proud of being part of Nan Shan.


Distinguishing Features of Business Operation


1. Thorough Development in Local Market & Sustainable Operation
As Nan Shan is transformed into a local business, we can jointly decide where Nan Shan is steering for.


2. Due Respect for Partners & More Focused on Cooperation and Sharing
We accentuate partnership, cooperation, and sharing.


3. Caring & Integrity¡XAlways Honoring Commitments
We create an insurance business that demonstrates caring and integrity.


Corporation Social Responsibility


1. Integrity and Transparency in Corporate Governance
Complying with regulations, Nan Shan has rigorous systems of internal audit, compliance, and risk management. Nan Shan’s board of directors well perform their duties, and its business operation is transparent and public.


2. Social Participation and Enthusiasm
Speaking of charity, Nan Shan Life Charity Foundation (“NSCF”) serves as a charity platform. Through this platform, Nan Shan devotes its efforts to caring the minorities in the society. In addition, Nan Shan appeals to the support from its agency force and staff so as to constitute Nan Shan’s Volunteer Workforce. Nan Shan not only extends its helping hand to community service, but also push forward micro-insurance and group insurance products customized for orphanages so as to deliver insurance coverage to those suffering from economic inferiority.

In the aspect of education, Nan Shan provides scholarship for its policyholders and impoverished students having outstanding academic performance. Nan Shan also sponsors college activities and promotes collaboration with education institutes.  Nan Shan also launches a project of giving away facilities to schools that can be utilized in guiding pupils on their way to and from school to ensure their safety.

In addition, Nan Shan pays heed to the development of arts and cultures in Taiwan. Combining the activities of staff and agency force, customer marketing, and Nan Shan’s large campaigns, Nan Shan jointly promotes arts and cultures, and also sponsors important art festivals, folklore, and charitable activities in the expectation of elevating the public’s appreciation of arts and cultures and calling for nationals’ higher respect for cultures. In doing so, Nan Shan is aiming to set a good example of giving feedback to the society.


3. Giving the Firmest Commit to Employees and Costumers
Nan Shan has complete processes or regulations for employment, training, career development, incentives, compensation, and fringe benefits. The legal rights and interests of employees are protected, and furthermore Nan Shan provides its employees with a working environment which is safe, sanitary, and typical of LOHAS (“Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability”). For customers, Nan Shan makes the information of its products and services completely available to the public. A customer service network is well established to provide express and effective services and payment of claims and protect customers’ rights and interests. Besides, Nan Shan continues to present innovative and distinctive services and products to satisfy customers’ different needs.


4. Being Environment Friendly
Nan Shan carries out a variety of energy-saving and environment protection projects, such as energy conservation & carbon reduction, saving water resources, electronic process solutions, paper reduction, etc. These practices are carried out in order to honor Nan Shan¡¦s commitment to protect the environment and take a share in environment protection related campaigns, such as taking part in the worldwide event ¡§Earth Hour¡¨ to turn off non-essential lights to raise awareness about the need to live an energy-saving life. Moreover, Nan Shan actively promotes the use of e-receipts and drums up for support from policyholders for implementing the idea of environment protection.